💸 Fundraising

Raise money to benefit a cause.

Target Size: $XXXX dollars | Attributes: Goal-oriented, Purposeful, Mission-Driven | Shorthand: “I want to raise money.”

  • Raise money and awareness. Sometimes fundraisers not only help you get the cold hard cash you need but they also serve as PR opportunities for your project or organization.

  • Your fundraiser should feel like you. Make sure that the fundraiser is reflective of your organizational culture. Don’t host a fancy gala if an artsy party in a forgotten warehouse will attract more money and attention.

  • Select the right strategy. There are lots of ways to raise money. A big fundraiser is one way. Asking private donors is another. Soliciting lots of small donations online is another still. Pick the approach that will work best for you.

Process Checklist
  • Gather an event design team
  • Choose a goal (amount of $)
  • Find a venue (think creatively)
  • Determine programming (music, performance, speaking, etc.)
  • Invite people
  • Cultivate your vibe
  • Show people a good time
  • Ask for contributions
  • Document the event
  • Thank everyone

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Example & Artifacts

For several years, Hothouse provided an opportunity for a wide cross-section of Pittsburgh’s business and social circles to come together in support of Sprout’s mission. It also served as Sprout’s “live annual report” to the community by presenting a sampling of some of the innovative projects and emerging leaders supported by Sprout each year.