🎪 Showcase

Celebrate a community’s achievements.

Target Size: 50–200 people | Attributes: Fun, Inspiring, Celebratory | Shorthand: “I want to celebrate progress.”

  • Recruit diverse presenters. Whether you’re recruiting people to speak onstage or host an activity at a table, make a point to highlight the voices and accomplishments of a wide range of contributors who are relevant to the work or the community.

  • Prioritize unstructured time. Nobody likes to be talked at for more than about 30 minutes. If your event features remarks, keep them short, then build in time for networking, informal conversation, and, where appropriate, play.

  • Build visual interest. Create event signage to help people understand where to go and how they should expect to interact with your presenters and with fellow participants. If you have formal remarks with a slide deck, minimize text and opt for photos instead.

Process Checklist
  • Pick a venue and an event format
  • Recruit presenters
  • Develop an agenda
  • Advertise the event to public
  • Show off your work
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Document the event
  • Share highlights

Related Experiences: Planning, Knowledge-Sharing, Social, Feedback

Related Techniques: Ignite Talks, Trading Cards, World Cafe

Example & Artifacts

As steward of the Remake Learning Network, Sprout developed and hosted the Remake Learning Assembly, an annual event that featured a report on the state of the network followed by a networking reception.