📝 Planning

Chart the course for a new project

Target Size: 5–10 people | Attributes: Small, Intentional, Focused | Shorthand: “I want to plan something.”

  • As the saying goes… Proper planning prevents poor performance.

  • Don’t start with a blank sheet of paper. It’s often helpful to have a few draft ideas ready to discuss, even if they are very nascent.

  • What’s on the docket? Always have an agenda ready to go. If you don’t have an agenda, you will waste people’s time. And no one likes that.

Process Checklist
  • Gather a planning team
  • Arrange a meeting (in-person, if possible)
  • Develop an agenda
  • Hatch a plan
  • Take good notes
  • Follow-up afterward
  • Meet again (if necessary)

Related Experiences: Fundraising, Kick-Off, Feedback, Showcase, Ideation, Recruitment, Summit

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Example & Artifacts

Sprout designed and led a series of planning meetings to help the Triangle Learning Network develop its plan to launch a learning innovation network in the Triangle Region of North Carolina.