👋 Recruitment

Gather new participants and audiences.

Target Size: 25–200 people | Attributes: Inclusive, Informational, Catalytic | Shorthand: “I want to recruit participants.”

  • Clearly communicate the opportunity. Through a mix of presentations and activities, introduce your participants to the opportunity at hand and how they can get involved.

  • Build in time for questions. Host a panel discussion or an informal Q&A session to let participants dig into the details. You might anticipate some of the most pressing questions and plant them with a moderator or with a friendly audience member.

  • Make it easy to get on board. End your event with a clear call to action, and help your participants get involved right away. Capitalize on the event’s momentum and show how you’ll continue to keep people engaged and informed.

Process Checklist
  • Finalize opportunity
  • Invite participants
  • Develop talking points
  • Build agenda
  • Train facilitators and presenters
  • Host an enticing, inspiring event
  • Collect commitments
  • Follow up with participants

Related Experiences: Planning, Kick-off, Knowledge-Sharing, Social, Summit

Related Techniques: Bullseye, Co-Creation Session, Four Corners, Ignite Talks, Impact/Effort Matrix, Personas, Round Robin, Stakeholder Mapping, Statement Starters, Trading Cards, World Cafe

Example & Artifacts

Sprout led three events—one in Philadelphia, one in Chicago, and one in San Francisco—to recruit participants for a new national program called LRNG. The events featured notable speakers and working sessions.