🏈 Kick-Off

Announce a new campaign.

Target Size: 100+ people | Attributes: Aspirational, Action-Oriented, Introductory | Shorthand: “I want to announce a new initiative.”

  • Don’t hold events that should have been an email. If you’re going to host a kick-off event, make it worth people’s time. Do things that cannot be done online. Take advantage of the fact that people are physically in the same place.

  • Create some intrigue. Be mysterious…but not too mysterious. Create anticipation and intrigue by teasing people with the announcement but make sure that you give people new information at the event.

  • Make it actionable. Don’t let people leave without a clear understanding of what comes next and how they can get involved.

Process Checklist
  • Create something exciting
  • Develop your message
  • Keep it a secret until the announcement
  • Gather friends, supporters, and media
  • Unveil the good news
  • Tell people how they can get involved
  • Follow-up afterward personally and online

Related Experiences: Planning, Recruitment, Ideation, Social

Related Techniques: Bullseye, Four Corners, Ignite Talks, Round Robin, Stakeholder Mapping, Statement Starters, Trading Cards, World Cafe

Example & Artifacts

Sprout developed a high-profile event to support the launch of the new Hive initiative in Pittsburgh. The event featured notable speakers, a selection of key announcements, and time for networking.