Templates & Downloads

List of all templates and downloads shared throughout the Field Guide

Catalytic Funding

Planning & Preparing

Program Design

Cultivating Applicants

Application Design

Program Launch & Announcement

Applicant Outreach & Info Sessions

Prospect Management & Draft Review

Making Decisions

Decisionmaker Recruitment

Application Intake

Committee Review

Follow-Up & Due Diligence

Meeting Facilitation

Denied Applicant Feedback

Managing Funded Projects

Grant Initiation & Project Planning

Reporting on Successes & Challenges

Multimedia Documentation

Community Building


  • Campaign Builder - Create a high-level, one-page plan for your campaign
  • Experience Cards - Brainstorm the kinds of action-oriented experiences you might include in your campaign. Remember, you can use the same experience type more than once
  • Experience Arc - Stitch those experiences together to create your campaign. This will enable you to create a one-page summary of your trajectory
  • Experience Builder - Plan each experience in your campaign in greater detail