🔗 Social

Create and strengthen social connections.

Target Size: 20–40 people | Attributes: Casual, Informal, Relationship-focused | Shorthand: “I want to gather people for social events.”

  • Nametags go on the right. Most people shake hands with their right hand, so put your nametag near your right shoulder so that people can read it when they shake your hand.

  • Location, Location, Location. Most people like to visit new and interesting locations. Don’t underestimate the importance of hosting your gatherings in unique and unexpected locations. If the location complements the topic of the event, even better.

  • Music matters. The easiest way to cultivate a friendly vibe — and avoid awkward silences — is to play some good background music. Don’t overthink it, though. Make a good playlist and let it roll. Also, fade the music in and out, please.

Process Checklist
  • Find an interesting location
  • Order food and drink
  • Invite people (friends and strangers who are interested in a topic of choice)
  • Create signage to help people mingle on their own
  • Provide some light facilitation (say a few words)
  • Play good music
  • Don’t let it last too long (90-120 minutes is enough)

Related Experiences: Kick-off, Fundraising, Recruitment, Knowledge-Sharing, Showcase, Summit

Related Techniques: Four Corners, Ignite Talks, Trading Cards, World Cafe

Example & Artifacts

Each fall, Sprout hosted an open house-style “Harvest Gathering” event to create space for people within the Sprout community to mix and mingle — and get better connected with one another. This drop-in event was designed to allow Sprout to open our doors to the community.